I don't know about you but I hate cleaning my oven.  It's such a hard job and I'd rather be out doing something fun.. not to mention that the chemicals to clean your oven are dangerous.  But nonetheless it has to be done or my house just might burn down. Ha!

So how do you tackle cleaning the oven without the hazard?  And if it's "safe" cleaning how hard am I going to have to scrub.....ugh....

You all know I love my Thieves Cleaner....so I have made a safe and surprisingly effective cleaning paste out of it. 

We moved into a rental house and I  don't think anyone has cleaned this oven since this house was built...see below 

So I took baking soda and just enough Thieves cleaner to make it into a paste..not liquidity but you want to slather it on with out it dripping. 

Then I took the brush and spread it all over the oven

Then I closed that door and forgot about the task ahead for about 15-30 minutes.  Since this oven was so bad I did come in every 15 minutes and scrubbed a little but did not wipe any of it off yet

After about 30-45 minutes (I'm sure it would take less time for yours) it was ready to wipe off.  I did have to put some elbow grease in certain places but surprisingly not many!  This was so easy and so effective I urge you guys to do this next time. 


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