Put on your boots and deal with it.
“Put on your boots and deal with it!”  

That’s my moto. Sometimes you have days where you just walk through $/@t and dust it off.  

Life is like that isn’t it?  

I’m a boot loving girl, not just cause they are awesome. But because of what it represents for me.

You see I’ve been through a lot in life. As most of us have. I developed my Love for cowboy boots about 8 years ago. I was going through a hard time in my life and I saw a picture that resonated with me.

I saw a picture of cowboy boots full of mud and crud. That person was working hard that day and had to tread through a lot of crap. These boots held strong and after a tough day of work they wiped clean to start the next day over.

I wear my boots because every morning that I put them on it reminds me that whatever crap I go through today, I’ll be able to wipe clean and start over tomorrow. To hold strong and fight a good fight even when it feels like the world is against you.  

Today was a particularly hard day so I’m adding in oils that are part of the Aroma Release Technique. Frankincense, lavender ,and peace & calming.   www.oilydoc.net


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