Be careful what you pray for....
That's right, be careful what you pray for...

I feel that each of us goes through "growth spurts" on occasion as we should, in order to become better people.  But be careful what you pray for if you are not ready to receive.... How many of you pray for something and then get upset when trials come your way? Do you put the blame on Him, saying he's not answering your request? 

You see Monday night I prayed to become more mature.  More mature as a health care professional, more mature in education so I can help more people.  You see, I forgot I prayed this prayer until last night when it hit me.....

The day after this prayer, I got into a heated discussion with people on facebook (mainly my cousin) over a health topic.  Mind you, this is something that I do not do.  I mind my own business usually.  This conversation upset me all day.  I logically knew it was something that was ridiculous and I should not be allowing it to take space, but it had.  That evening I asked for help in letting go of this conversation.. and peace came over me.  

Two days later, I'm in another heated discussion with someone I do not even know over a completely different health topic.  This one was a little easier to shake, however she made "fun" of the fact I'm the "Oily Doc".  I will admit, that stung, especially since the conversation had nothing to do with oils. The negative thoughts started playing in my mind "What's the point? Everyone thinks I'm a Joke.  No one takes me seriously or understands what I know."  

Then a little voice said "Can't see the forest for the trees".  What?  I haven't heard that quote since high school ( a LONG time ago).  Yet it kept playing over and over in my mind.  Was this a message I needed to listen too?  Yes!

You see, you can't ask for something and then just expect it to be given to you.  You have to earn it in order to grow from it.  Neither of these conversations showed maturity.  I was more concerned about being right and protecting my reputation than helping these people start the journey they can't even see yet. 

Can't see the forest for the trees: When we are more concentrated on the little details (conversation) than the whole forest (the end goal).  

Are you seeing your forest? Or are you only seeing the trees in front of you? 


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