What's in your way?
Its funny how the Universe gives you the right things at the right time.  Every succesful person has days where they just want to quit.  Those days when it would just be easier to stop because its too hard.  But you can't because there is something so deep inside you that keeps telling you to keep going.  

What do you want in life? You can be anything you want in life.  Only you determine what you are going to be, what you want and how you are going to do it.  Only you determine if you did the job well.  No one else can determine your fate.  Only you decide.  

You were created with purpose. You were created with magnificence.  Who are you? Who do you want to be
"Do you want your life to truly take off?" Are you ready? Whats stopping you? Who or what are in your way?  You're life will not change until you decide you want it to change.  I made the choice.  I made the change.  And even though some days are hard I still make the choice.  I am the change.  

Stop procrastinating and choose a better life today.  Choose freedom, choose happiness, choose life! 
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