What is this golden liquid?
Ever heard of oil pulling?  It gaining more popularity lately, however its been around for many years! It is originally used in Ayruvedic medicine to naturally clean and detoxify your gums and teeth.  Combined with essential oils it may help fight against harmful bacteria in your mouth.
What is oil pulling?   
The simple meaning is the act of swishing oil ( I use organic coconut oil) in your mouth for at least 20 minutes to help improve your oral health.  The great thing about this is it is gentle, effective and natural way to help dissolve plaque and produce healthier gums and whiter teeth.

How did I make mine?
I filled the bowel with coconut oil.  Placed the bowel in warm water to melt the oil.  Once it was all melted I took it out of the warm water.  I added 1 teaspoon organic turmeric (from the farmers market), 15 drops of Thieves vitality, 3 drops Oregano vitality and 5 drops peppermint vitality.  Mixed all this together and let harden.  This makes it easy to come in and spoon out a mouthful of oil to swish around each day.  
You can create your own concoction or just do straight coconut oil.  Have fun!


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