Coffee talk with The Oily Doc: Spring transformation

Welcome to coffee talk with The Oily Doc.  Today we are discussing spring transformation.  With every changing of the season we encourage personal changes in your life.  Spring is about new growth, transformation, and new life.  

It’s time to emerge to new life.  Much like the flowers are emerging from the soil and bathing in the sunlight, the birds spreading their wings to the spring air and animals peeking their heads out of hibernation, we too can make transformations in life.  

How can we apply this to our lives?
-Healthier lifestyle: eating cleaner and exercising
-Reducing chemicals: getting rid of chemical cleaners and switching to Thieves Cleaner
-Being positive
-Changing poor relationships
-Changing careers
-Cleaning house

When we clean things out of our lives we create space for new opportunities and new growth.  What changes will you make this spring? 


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