So, no one likes to get the winter time ickies!  How do we prepare and protect our family from these little "bugs"?  Below is a Preparing for Fall package.  It contains most everything you need to prepare for fall.  The great thing about it is by signing up as a member you get a HUGE savings of over $174!  Wow!
Simply sign up as a member at and purchase the following
It contains: 
The Premium Starter kit that includes 
Diffuser of your choice
Peppermint Vitality oil (great for tension and respiratory issues)
Lemon Vitality oil (great Immune booster)
Copaiba Vitality oil (fantastic booster of any oil and support healthy immune system)
Thieves Vitality oil (I use in my tea to help boost my immune system)
DiGize Vitality oil (great for digestion support)
Frankincense  oil ( so fantastic for so many things including immune support)
Lavender oil (most popular, great for relaxing)
Purification oil (my husbands favorite!  So great for many things, especially purifying the air)
RC oil (fantastic for respiratory support)
Panaway oil    ( I love this oil to help with general muscle aches)

Add on: Thieves essential oil
Thieves hand purifier
Thieves spray
Thieves essential oil infused cough drops
Thieves essential oil lozenges 


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