Toxic home, toxic you.

Your homes are more toxic than outside air.  That's right! You live in toxins and it could be causing major health issues.  

Spring is approaching and that means lawn work.  Did you know that 100 Million pounds of chemicals are used by homeowners every year...on lawns....

These dangerous lawn chemicals make their way into your homes, contaminating indoor air and surfaces and exposing children to levels 10 times higher than pre-application levels!  As a result these toxins cause issues such as ADHD, ADD, sleep disturbances, behavior problems, headaches, allergies, concentration issues, and many major diseases. 

A study by the CDC of 9,282 people nationwide, found pesticides in 100% of people who had both blood and urine tested.  The average person carried 13 of 23 pesticides tested. 

The top 10 most dangerous chemicals in our homes are air fresheners like plug ins or candles. 2nd on the list is chemical cleaning supplies for your counters and floors and toilets. As well as drain and oven cleaners and furniture polish. Dishwasher soap, beauty supplies and perfume, personal care products. Hair spray, gels, shampoo and soap, deodorant. One of the top pollutants in your home is laundry soap and dryer sheets. You washed your clothes, it sits on your skin, it out gasses in your closet. (Environmental protection agency top 10 killer household chemicals.)

There are 100,000 chemicals on the market today. The tax acceptance control act of 1976 grandfathered them in. So what does that mean to you? Well, simply put, these chemicals haven't had any safety testing. We know very little information about their side effects. Of the chemicals that were tested, toxic labeling Is only required if 50% or more of the animals tested die. I’m not willing to take a 50% chance with my family. Under the TSCA manufacturers are protected by secret trade laws that allowed them to keep their ingredient list a secret.

Since the 1940’s prostate cancer is up 200%, thyroid cancer is up 155%. Brain cancer up 70%, breast cancer up 60%, childhood cancer is up 35%. The American cancer society estimates at 50% rise in cancer rate by 2020. There is a standard set for nonindustrial building by OSHA for chemical exposure. For formaldehyde it’s .75 ppm—not even 1%. Yet the average home has an astonishing 50 ppm! That’s 50 times what’s allowed but its not regulated. 409  registers 1000 ppm! Its no wonder the air inside your home is 5-7 times more toxic than outdoor air quality. Household chemical cleaning was a 7 billion dollar industry in 2007. 

What do you do?
Instead of treating your lawn with dangerous chemicals, grow an organic lawn and nourish it.  

Minimize the toxins in your home by throwing away your disease causing plug-ins and candles.  Instead replace them with organic natural essential oils and a diffuser

Stop using harmful chemicals to clean your home. Instead replace everything with a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner.  One capful makes a whole spray bottle of cleaner.  It’s all I use for our home. 

Eat organic foods.  You don't want to consume pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals in your foods. 

Start making the changes today for a healthier family tomorrow!


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