Doggy support melts
I don't know about you but I love my fur babies.  I do everything I can to make sure they are healthy and loved.  So my cocker spaniel, Maggie is 14 years old.  She's showing signs of age even though she still runs around acting like a pup.  She's having a harder time getting up from a laying position, she's going a tad bit slower up the stairs, and she sleeps more.  So as a momma does I try to create something to help ease that pain and help her have a little more spring in her step.  Please note, I am not a veterinarian and you should consult your vet before giving your animals anything.  

So the ingredients I use are Organic Coconut oil
Parsley flakes (fresh would be optimal, but dry is all I have on hand at the moment)
Copaiba vitality essential oil
Thyme vitality essential oil
Oregano vitality essential oil
Peppermint vitality essential oil

I heat the coconut oil on low heat.  This will not take long.  I have used about 1 1/2 cups of coconut oil here.  I never use the microwave for anything.  

Remove the coconut oil from the heat and let it cool slightly.  Then I add the following to the coconut oil
20 drops Copaiba vitality oil
10 drops Thyme vitality oil
6 drops Peppermint vitality oil
6 drops oregano vitality oil.  

These measurements are approximate.  If you have a smaller dog you will want to use less.  My cocker spaniel is about 25 pounds.  I have a smaller Yorkie that I do about half the amounts for.  

Add in about 3 tablespoons of parsley.  Be sure to stir everything together.  

Then I add the oil mixture to the silicon teddy bear molds (you can use anything, but this is what I had because I have kids).  I put my silicon mold on a tray so that I can place them in the freezer so they harden up.  

The finished product.  I personally keep them in the mold and pop them out as I need with each meal.  You can pop them out and place in a glass container and store in the fridge if you have a great container for it.  Keep in mind to keep them in the fridge because they will melt as the room gets hotter.  I usually give my cocker spaniel about 2 teddy bears per meal and she eats twice per day.  



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