Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself.  
Such a simple sentence.  Yet, do many of us actually do this?  Most of us, especially women, are too busy taking care of everyone else.  But you are the most important person you can take care of.  Without you, how are you going to be able to take care of someone else?  If you fall ill or become diagnosed with a disease, how are you able to take care of your children? Your spouse? Your parents? 

You have to take care of yourself.  The average person puts on over 300 chemicals on their skin every single day.  For women, 80 of those chemicals are before breakfast.  Many of those chemicals are linked to cancer.  Do you really want that for yourself, for your family?  

It's time to cut the chemicals and start living a healthier lifestyle.  Start by eating organic foods.  This greatly reduces the pesticide and hormones in your system.  Change out your cleaning supplies for Thieves cleaner.  One bottle takes care of all my cleaning supplies.  It only cost $1 per spray bottle to make.  Throw away your candles and plug-ins. These are considered the top cancer producing item in the home, replace it with essential oils and a difffuser.  Throw away your dryer sheets and replace them with wool dyer balls and essential oils.  Dryer sheets can be cancer causing.  

There are many more ways to reduce your chemicals in the home and if you'd like more information sign up for my newsletter.  If you would like to start replacing these dangerous chemicals with a better alternative be sure to click the "Place an Order" tab at the top of the page.  


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