Living authentically.

Living authentically.
What does authenticity mean? Or being authentic?
This thought has processed in my mind the last several days and that usually means that something is telling me to speak about it.  So lets dive into the meaning of being authentic.  

Webster dictionary states: “authentic, genuine, bona fide mean being actually and exactly what is claimed. authentic implies being fully trustworthy as according with fact an authentic account of the perilous journey ; it can also stress painstaking or faithful imitation of an original.”

As a consumer this means that you want to look for a company and products that are bona fide, genuine and trustworthy.  Does the company stand up for what they speak about.  Do they follow steps in what they claim?  For instance, if you were to go to a doctor and ask advice and they tell you stop eating sugar.  Do they follow that same advice or are they stuffing the donut in their face as they are speaking with you?Perhaps that practitioner is not authentic.  Are you purchasing products that claim to be 100% pure, yet you see no health benefits? Perhaps that label is not authentic.

Many of us claim we are authentic.  But do we live with authenticity? What does that mean?
Do you live what you speak? Some people say they live a healthy life yet they are eating the processed foods, consuming the supplements that are not quality, instead are cheap. They are experiencing self-sabotaging events such as drinking alcohol.  They are not in healthy relationships and have excuses for everything they do.  Yet they still say they live a healthy life.   Giving your word to a friend that is in need and then not delivering on that word, is not authentic.  Acting sweet to someone’s face and then speak poorly about them behind their back, this is not authentic.  

Authenticity is face value.  What you see is what you get.  There are no tricks or lies.  Living a life of authenticity is extremely important if you want to be in a state of health.  You can not lie to yourself and expect to reach optimal health and success.  

Be careful what you pray for....

Be careful what you pray for....
That's right, be careful what you pray for...

I feel that each of us goes through "growth spurts" on occasion as we should, in order to become better people.  But be careful what you pray for if you are not ready to receive.... How many of you pray for something and then get upset when trials come your way? Do you put the blame on Him, saying he's not answering your request? 

You see Monday night I prayed to become more mature.  More mature as a health care professional, more mature in education so I can help more people.  You see, I forgot I prayed this prayer until last night when it hit me.....

The day after this prayer, I got into a heated discussion with people on facebook (mainly my cousin) over a health topic.  Mind you, this is something that I do not do.  I mind my own business usually.  This conversation upset me all day.  I logically knew it was something that was ridiculous and I should not be allowing it to take space, but it had.  That evening I asked for help in letting go of this conversation.. and peace came over me.  

Two days later, I'm in another heated discussion with someone I do not even know over a completely different health topic.  This one was a little easier to shake, however she made "fun" of the fact I'm the "Oily Doc".  I will admit, that stung, especially since the conversation had nothing to do with oils. The negative thoughts started playing in my mind "What's the point? Everyone thinks I'm a Joke.  No one takes me seriously or understands what I know."  

Then a little voice said "Can't see the forest for the trees".  What?  I haven't heard that quote since high school ( a LONG time ago).  Yet it kept playing over and over in my mind.  Was this a message I needed to listen too?  Yes!

You see, you can't ask for something and then just expect it to be given to you.  You have to earn it in order to grow from it.  Neither of these conversations showed maturity.  I was more concerned about being right and protecting my reputation than helping these people start the journey they can't even see yet. 

Can't see the forest for the trees: When we are more concentrated on the little details (conversation) than the whole forest (the end goal).  

Are you seeing your forest? Or are you only seeing the trees in front of you? 

Put on your boots and deal with it.

Put on your boots and deal with it.
“Put on your boots and deal with it!”  

That’s my moto. Sometimes you have days where you just walk through $/@t and dust it off.  

Life is like that isn’t it?  

I’m a boot loving girl, not just cause they are awesome. But because of what it represents for me.

You see I’ve been through a lot in life. As most of us have. I developed my Love for cowboy boots about 8 years ago. I was going through a hard time in my life and I saw a picture that resonated with me.

I saw a picture of cowboy boots full of mud and crud. That person was working hard that day and had to tread through a lot of crap. These boots held strong and after a tough day of work they wiped clean to start the next day over.

I wear my boots because every morning that I put them on it reminds me that whatever crap I go through today, I’ll be able to wipe clean and start over tomorrow. To hold strong and fight a good fight even when it feels like the world is against you.  

Today was a particularly hard day so I’m adding in oils that are part of the Aroma Release Technique. Frankincense, lavender ,and peace & calming.

What’s the big deal anyway?

What’s the big deal anyway?
Why is it important to switch out all the toxic chemicals in our house hold? Well, lets talk about some of the facts today.  The #2 cause of death in the US is Cancer: 1,620 people die a day.  There are 1,685,000 new cases diagnosed each year (National Cancer Institute).  1 in 3 cases are directly linked to poor diet, physical inactivity or chemical exposure.  The American Cancer Society says 90-95% of cancer cases are outside our genes.  It’s what we allow in our home!  This impacts you on every front: your cleaning supplies, what you wash your family with, personal care items like toothpaste and deodorant, and what you eat.  Let’s look at chemicals in what you eat.

Look at this video on YouTube:

Using oils is not a novelty item, it is LIFE SAVING!

Let’s talk about purpose....

Let’s talk about purpose....
Let’s talk about purpose for a moment.  

What is purpose? Are we living a life of purpose?

The definition of Purpose is “ the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.

Why do you exist?  We all have a reason that we are here on this earth.  What is yours?  I would ask you to take a moment today and reflect on this and connect with God to find your purpose.  

You see, many of us go through life thinking we are purposeful, fulfilling our jobs in life.  But is it really true purpose?  

Gabe and I had a discussion about this the other day.  I raised the question “Do we live a life of purpose?”  

You see, my first conscious thought was yes.......but when I took an accurate assessment of my life I could not answer that question with 100% yes.  We work day in and day out at the clinic, always educating ourselves so we can educate others, creating posts, reading, listening to videos/lectures, etc.  But when it boils down to it, it wasn’t 100% purpose driven.  

You need to ask yourself what is my purpose?  Once you have wholeheartedly answered that question then ask yourself this.... Am I living it fully?  

Be honest.....

Do you get distracted with other things? Do you start a project only to stop half way and never finish it? Do you have multiple projects going on at the same time? Do you worry about what others are thinking of you or what they say about you?  

A person that is living a true life of purpose is not bothered by all the little things in life. They stay focused on the task given to them by God.  Once you change this mindset, I guarantee your life and success will be positively impacted.
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