Father’s Day Gift Idea

The men in my life have facial hair.  With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, what better time to give the gift of oils than with a beard oil!  

You really can’t go wrong with a combination that seems to fit you.  I grabbed some oils that I had in stock and for me, this combonation is yummy!

Coconut oil is has been used for centuries and has benefits of its own.  Such benefits as being nourishing and moisturizing, conditioning, repairs damage, helps with regrowth, and much more

Grapeseed oil is an excellent source of vitamin E.  It also reduces the appearance of aging skin.  It also contains Linolenic Acid which can stimulate natural hair growth.  

Jojoba oil: did you know that it is not actually an oil, but a wax ester extracted from a shrub? This oil (wax) is also a good source of vitamin E and is a natural conditioner.  

Valor essential oil is great for courage!  I want my husband and dad to have courage to face the day ahead. 

Cedar wood will help them concentrate on the tasks at hand.  

Wintergreen induces relaxation.  I want them to be relaxed as they face their challenges in the day.  And this adds a spicyness that I love.  

Bergamot is for an uplifting scent so they have good feelings about the day ahead.  

Shutran is an empowering blend to create masculinity and confidence.  

Create an equal amount of coconut oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil leaving enough room for your essential oils and dropper.  A good measure is to not approach the curve at the top of the bottle.  

Add in your oils: 
15 drops Cedarwood
5 drops Valor
10 drops wintergreen
10 drops Bergamot
10 drops Shutran

Shake together and apply each morning before you start the day!

For more information on how to purchase your oils click the opprotunity tab above!

Intermittent fasting and the benefits

Intermittent fasting and the benefits
Intermittent fasting has many benefits for the body.  Watch my video below for more information

1. Intermittent fasting changes the function of cells, genes and hormones.
Your body initiates important cellular repair processes and changes hormone levels to make body fat more accessible. 
2. Help you loose weight and belly fat
3. Lowers your risk of Diabetes II
4. Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation
5. Beneficial for heart health
6. Induces cellular repair
7. May help prevent cancer
8. Great for your brain
9. May help prevent Alzheimer's disease
10. May extend your lifespan

3 months to wellness!

3 months to wellness!
We are all searching ways to get healthy, so why not have a solid plan for three months to wellness?  
Watch the webinar replay below for more information. 
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Spring clean your home

Spring clean your home

Did you know that there are dangerous chemicals right under your sink? Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens.  Its time to make a makeover in your home! Watch this video replay of our webinar

Safety in oils

Safety in oils
It can be confusing on what is safe and what is not safe in the use of essential oils.  In this webinar replay I will cover all this information and address the misinformation.  

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